Questions with Kate Woodall, our Digital Projects Executive

Questions with Kate Woodall, our Digital Projects Executive

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

I enjoy my job along with the people I work with. We all get on really well and we work well as a team. I like coming to work because it’s a relaxed atmosphere but, it allows you to get on with your workload as well.

I’m currently completing my apprenticeship in digital marketing. I feel as though I have progressed immensely since working here especially with all the experience of each team member has here at GMA!

What do you enjoy about your job?

I like it because it involves something different each day, it’s never boring! I enjoy taking on different projects and watching them develop and grow. Because I studied English at A level this job fits in perfectly because there is a mix of creative writing, which I enjoy too. Whenever I am in need of help there is always someone on hand to help me and give me advice which I love because it shows that we are a team at GMA.

Hobbies and interests?

I love dancing, especially tap dancing. I have been a dancer since I was four. I enjoy going to the gym as it allows me to destress and have some “me” time after a busy day. I like socialising at the weekends with friends and going for cocktails (which girl doesn’t?!) I also love travelling to new places and seeing the world. I love shopping and makeup! Whenever you’re feeling down retail therapy is always the answer!






If you could be any film character what could you be

If I could be any film character I would be Amanda from The Holiday because she is a successful independent woman but mainly because she gets with Jude Law!