GMA at the Advanced Engineering Show 2017

GMA at the Advanced Engineering Show 2017

The Advanced Engineering Show concluded last Thursday, closing on two days of lively networking with the wider Engineering industry. We represented GRM Consulting, who design and distribute topology optimisation and advanced simulation software, by presenting at their stand, advising on stand content, and designing their stand graphics.


The stand was a massive success, thanks in no small part to the immediately interesting parts brought for presentation. These included an optimised Rear Drive Unit for a prototype Range Rover and a lightweight composite suspension knuckle for a Ford Focus, but easily the biggest draw was the Robot Bike project.


Robot Bike engineer ultra-lightweight, high-end mountain bikes, constructed primarily titanium and carbon fibre tubing. One of the few parts that couldn’t be constructed from these materials was the suspension rocker, which is made from cast aluminium. Usually the rocker part is a larger, block piece in order to withstand the stresses from extreme falls and the kind of terrain that mountain bikes are expected to endure, but this results in it contributing more weight than is desired. Robot Bike took advantage of GRM’s optimisation capabilities to reduce the part’s weight by 25%, resulting in a smaller, sleeker part that didn’t compromise strength for weight.


We also managed to take a few moments away from the stand to take a look around and see what’s developing in the world of advanced engineering, including virtual reality factories and 3d printed titanium. Already looking forward to doing it all over again next year!







Check out the video Matt, our Videographer produced whilst at the Advanced Engineering Show: